Study Plans

KGLI Year 2 Study Plan

Plan A – Classroom 100% : Classroom study on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Online study included.
Registration Fee (Baht) : 5,500 Baht
*Includes Conference Package
*Excludes Outreach package

Plan B – Classroom 50% & Online Study 50% :  Classroom study on Saturday only and live online study for Thursday and Friday
Registration Fee (Baht) : 4,000 Baht

Plan C – Online study only (Live + Recorded)
Registration Fee (Baht) : 2,500 Baht

Note for plan B & C :
*Excludes conference and outreach package. Special discount prices will be available.
*Recorded online video will be available to access within 24 hours after each session.

Year 1 Online Video

1000 Baht per trimester

Raising a Generation of Kingdom Leaders