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KGLS Testimony – Higher and Deeper

We were developed through understanding more and even deeper from Pastor’s teachings. Higher in worship, more easily to feel God’s presence and God’s glory was poured down and filled us fully. I thank God so much for this and really want to challenge and encourage you that have never come to come and learn 

– Nong (KGLS Student, 2010)

KGLS Testimony – Worship in the Glory

The Bible is not just about the KNOWLEDGE, but the core of studying Bible is for us to be able touch the life of the word of God and what makes it significant is the presence of God which can be touched during worship. It is like the freedom of worship. We don’t worship in a format. But it is the worship which brings us into the presence of God so that we can understand the access to what all believers wish is the Glory of God which brings forth manifestation and revelation. 

– Pastor Nimit (KGLS Student, 2010)